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Topic: Marissa Won ( I can so sad)

Topic Marissa Won ( I can so sad) from the General Chit-Chat forum.

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AuthorTopic:   Marissa Won ( I can so sad)
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posted: 6/8/2003 at 10:38:51 PM ET
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I got so upset that i actually got sick to my stomach.

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That he alone can name..."

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posted: 6/8/2003 at 11:08:18 PM ET
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It's too bad. Although I have not seen the show yet, (I am going June 27th, I was mesmerized by her performance on the Tony's. (I think the audience was too!) I still can't wait to see it!

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posted: 6/8/2003 at 11:10:39 PM ET
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She was absolutely fantastic tonight! I felt so bad for her when they announced it, considering everything she has been through.

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posted: 6/8/2003 at 11:20:32 PM ET
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I really feel horribly because she SO deserved to win. Her performance is such a new and powerful interpretation of the role. I really feel that she lost because of the missed performances and all of the snarky talk around that topic (not that I agree with that reason, because I don't, nor am trying to excuse the voting, but that's my take). And that is what makes this so unfair. I think if the voters could have taken another vote after her performance of "Rose's Turn", she would have won, hands down. Marissa does a nice job in a cute role, but it certainly isn't Mama-worthy.

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posted: 6/8/2003 at 11:27:57 PM ET
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I felt so sad for Bernadette and the rest of the Gypsy cast...I must admit that I too felt sick when the awards were announced. But to focus on something positive: Despite the fact that Bernadette did not win the award, she definitely won the audience over tonight--the standing ovation and the cheering crowd said it all! Bernadette's performance was just mesmerizing, heart-wrenching, and terrifying! It sent chills up my spine and brought tears to my eyes! Clearly she proved to everyone tonight that she is not only capable of totally tackling the role of Rose, she is practically a living legend, an ever-brilliant star on Broadway, with a great deal of integrity and immense talent. Brava Bernadette and thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with the world!

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 12:16:29 AM ET
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all i can say is that i completely agree with everyone posted here. she truly deserved the award, but the true talent and professional that she is, Bernadette does not need it to prove what a unique asset she is to the arts and the theatre world. she is in a master class all by herself that marissa (or anyone else for that matter) can only hope to sit in on, like the rest of us in the audience. Bernadette remains the model of class and sophistication while at the same time reaching us lowly mortals with every fiber of our beings relating to every fiber of her being. this is a talent that not many people possess and Bernadette has simply "got it"

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 12:36:54 PM ET
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I saw GYSPY on May 3rd (evening) from the balcony. Peters performance was in a class of its own. She was like a liquid pearl.... hard yet soft at the same time. By the time we head heard SOME PEOPLE, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat with goose bumps as we approched the next song. It was as though I had never heard the songs before. She not only sang them, she acted them. Great songs combined with a great actress made for a thrilling evening!

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 1:15:23 PM ET
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Nothing special to add, but it is wonderful to be able to come here and cushion my disapointment and put it into a little perspective by reading everyone's astute and sympathetic comments. At the very least, no one who saw that extraordinary rendition of Rose's Turn last night will ever forget it. Bernadette took a big risk performing such a difficult number cold and out of context, but it paid off magnificently. Best thing I've ever seen on the Tonys and the audience reaction spoke for itself. Tony award or not, I know her performance as Rose will go down in theatrical history and legend.

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 1:56:08 PM ET
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"...the audiences reaction spoke for itself."

karen, right on. i couldn't agree more. if anyone has the tape, they can go back and verify that there was no such thing as hesitation. what i mean is, there was no thinking about it, they just stood...out of instinct, out of awe, out of both...but there was no question. the ENTIRE place was on its feet with tears in most eyes, including the 3rd balcony. the impossible dream was stirring as well, but there was a signifigant difference in the way the audience reacted and stood up. Bernadette brought the house to its feet...literally!

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New York City

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 3:19:57 PM ET
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I'm not gonna post too much, but I also didn't want to start a new thread.

Bernadette was robbed. Her role is mucher tougher than Marissa's, and frankly I think Marissa is over rated. I'm not saying she's not good, but comapred to Bernadett I don't think she deserved to win. The category is Best Actress, not most eneergetic or fattest or whatever!
I also think that Bernadette gave the best performance of the evening last night. Every other nominated show had their entire cast and too much production. Gypsy just had Bernadette, a brick wall, and some white lights...and that's all it took to bring everyone to their feet.

I don't think she was as upset to lose Best Actress as she was upset that the show did not win Best Revival.
She probably feels responsible for the show not winning because let's face it, Gypsy rests on her shoulders. I think that (more than a loss for best actress) is what put a damper on her evening.

I hope that's not the case, because it is not her fault that the show did not win; it was many factors:
>Stiff competition
>Mixed reviews
>The fact that it's a classic show that had to deal with comparisons to past revivals as well as 2 movies and an original production
>opening very late in the season
>Her illness was a factor, but certainly not the cause.

I just feel so bad that sales might drop because it's not a Tony winner. It's still the best show on Broadway right now!


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posted: 6/9/2003 at 4:41:26 PM ET
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I agree with everything that you said except I just wanted to add a "correction" that Man of La Mancha only had two of their cast members and really only Brian Stokes Mitchell really did anything. But I think it proves your theory that sometimes a single person performing a powerhouse numbers is the best choice as I think BSM's performance was the second greatest performance of the night - behind Bernadette's. And the only other one to get a standing O!

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 5:43:48 PM ET
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I have to agree Christine she was robbed! I haven't seen the show yet but seeing her do Rose's Turn was amazing! She brought the house down! Plus did you notice the people standing for when Hairspray performed?? Exactly, cause they weren't! I thought after seeing Rose's Turn she had won for sure cause that was brilliance beyond words!


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posted: 6/9/2003 at 6:13:45 PM ET
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It was soooo sad watching Bernadette as Marissa went up... She tried to act happy for her but you could tell she was devestated... Bernadette totally deserved it! Marissa isn't great at all! I'm sorry but first of all, the character was written poorly... Secondly Marissa is really annoying in my opinion... Bernadette should've gotten it! My friend who normally dosen't like Bernadette saw GYPSY and thought she was amazing! Her performance on the TONY"S was awesome! She was fantastic... But it's over now and there is nothing we can do...

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 6:53:48 PM ET
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So I went to work yesterday and was way excited for the Tony's I even wore my New York shirt ect. I was singing Gypsy songs down the aisles way excited, I said to one of my co-workers "So are you watching the Tony awards tonight, Bernadette Peters is up for best actress!" and she said "Oh, I like her!" and I said "Me too, she is my idol", then the lady said "You actually remind me of her", aww! that just made my day! ( Sorry, I had to share that). But anyways, Bernadette was completely incredible, I loved it I am so lucky that I got to see a performance like that considering I probably won't ever get to see Gypsy live. But, she just gave me chills, and the standing ovation, my best friend came over to watch the show with me and even though she isn't a big fan like I am she was just as mad as I was when she lost the tony. I even through popcorn at the tv! Hey, did anybody else notice this though, It sounded like they started to play gypsy music when Marissa won and then hurried and changed it to something else, I also thought Marissa was kind of cocky about it....But, I was just angry because how often does a role like this come along with such an amazing person playing it and they give it to a newcomer, who in my opinion doesn't compare....Okay I'm done, I probably should have been nicer, but I was a little bitter, still am. Bernadette is best actress anyways...

I'm just a Broadway Baby learnin how to sing and dance....

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 8:58:47 PM ET
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Hey u guys, I'm baaaacck! LOL teehee (I haven't posted in a long time b/c of school, our production of Les Mis so now summer's here and yay! I'm back! *^_^*)

Anyways, I know u've basically heard all the wonderful praise about Ms. Peters' absolutely magnificent performance last night. But I just wanted to share in the moment w/ u guys! hehe

Watching that performance made me fall in love/fandom all over again....I taped it and I just repeatedly watch it over and over again (I also watch Brian Stokes Mitchell's performance over and over again, I think his was wonderful too!)

I missed the Hairspray performance at the time that it aired, so I watched the tape...and I don't think MJW should've recieved the Tony...(however, I am still happy for her nonethless). After seeing "Rose's Turn" I was absolutely certain that Bernadette would've won!

Gosh, there just aren't enough adjectives in the English language that gives justice to that performance...:: Pauses, thinks for a moment...::...well, maybe there are hehe

But anyways, I'm just exhilarated by last night, and I'm soo glad @ how this fan base is growing! Hello new members! ::waves:: Hehe...

Well, that's all I have to say for now lol...

Take care,

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posted: 6/9/2003 at 11:17:55 PM ET
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This is my first post to this site, but I have been observing ever since "Gypsy" went into previews. After last night's disappointment, I finally felt compelled to offer up a few words.

First of all, you are an incredible group of people...generous of heart. I hope Bernadette occasionally comes on to the site and sees your heartfelt words of support. I've especially enjoyed the frequent, and always perceptive, posts of mojul, christine and jeanmd, among all the others.

She is, without a doubt, the finest musical actress we have. Like all of you, I was blown out of my chair by her rendition of "Rose's Turn" on the show last night...and deeply disappointed that she was overlooked.

One thing that particularly bothered me was that Marissa Jaret Winokur did not even acknowledge Bernadette or the other Best Actress nominees in her acceptance all the other nominees did. The rumor has cirulated that MJW is just a little self-involved. Her speech proved that.

I predict "Gypsy" will still be a sold-out success for months and months to come.

Best to you all.

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