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Topic: Bernadette too young?!?!?

Topic Bernadette too young?!?!? from the General Chit-Chat forum.

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AuthorTopic:   Bernadette too young?!?!?
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posted: 2/1/2003 at 8:18:26 PM ET
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Some people are saying "Bernadette looks too young to play Mama Rose..." I'm sorry but I think that is crazy cause if you are REALLY that worried about looks... Compare her to the REAl one... She fits right in!

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posted: 2/1/2003 at 9:44:59 PM ET
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I mean in looking young...

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posted: 2/2/2003 at 1:49:51 AM ET
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Well, Ethel Merman was 51 when she played Mama Rose ( or as one of the signs on the Shubert says "Momma Rose"), Rosalind Russell was 55 when she played the role, Angela Lansbury was 49, Tyne Daly was 43 and Bette Midler was 48 so Bernadette is actually one of the older ones to play her. She just looks really young for her age and has a very youthful innocence in many people's eyes...which is probably why they're having a hard time picturing her in this role. I personally thought Rosalind was a bit too old for the part but that's just my me she looked more like 65 then 55.

My fave movie version is probably the one with Bette Midler! Its great watching Christine Ebersole and Andrea Martin in that!

Maureen Moore actually played June in the '74 revival with Angela Lansbury so I'm sure being a part of this production must be extra special for her! I would have loved to have seen her in that!! I don't know why so many people make it to be such a big deal that she's been a stand-by so many times...she's an awesome performer in her own right! Even Bernadette was a stand-by ( The Girl in the Freudian Slip).

It sorta surprises me how many(mostly of the younger cast members) have very few or no Broadway shows under their Tammy, Addison and Heather. I know they're still young but the only younger cast member who I can think of that's done a ton of Broadway shows is Stephen.

A lot of the older cast members are pretty well known and have done a lot of shows though.William Parry(Kringelein/Pop) was in Sunday in the Park with Bernadette.I saw John Dossette in RAGTIME as Father and he was so so good! I think I saw him in Tom Sawyer too( which Kate Reinders was in as well).

And the credentials of the "behind the scenes" people...AMAZING! I can't remember the last time I saw a show with such an impressive list of people working on it...Jules Fischer( he's been the lighting designer for about 100 shows!),David Brian Brown( he designed the hair/wigs for AGYG so I'm pretty confident the wigs for Gypsy will turn out beautiful!),Sam,Jerry Mitchell, Marvin...everyone! And its so great that so many of these people have worked with Bernadette before too.

Btw...I think its pretty awesome that Harvey Weinstein has been added to the list of producers! Maybe Miramax will make ( another) Gypsy movie only this time starring Bernadette. We can hope can't we? lol) that I went completely off topic..well,

I think its more the image and the chacracteres Bernadette has portrayed in the past( which, some of them were "cutesy", sweet, innocent characters)that has people wondering how she is going to pull this off( I guess they haven't seen her in ITW, Cinderella or Pennies From Heaven). But no matter what critics or anyone else is saying about Bernadette being unfit or "not right" for this role...I think all of us here know how talented Bernadette is...she's going to blow everyone away!!


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posted: 2/2/2003 at 4:29:54 AM ET
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couldn't have siad it better myself. She owns the broadway musical, in my opinion.
Bernadette peters - we salute you!

they say bernadette's wonderful..........and she is
xx Jenny xx

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