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Topic: Your first time

Topic Your first time from the General Chit-Chat forum.

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AuthorTopic:   Your first time
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New York, New York
posted: 2/24/2005 at 11:25:09 PM ET
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I was wondering what happened the first time you all met Bernadette. What was it like? Any fun stories?

I know the first time I met her I was so nervous that I thought I might get sick. All I could think about were the messages that were going to be on this board about the girl who threw up all over Bernadette! But she was so nice that she completely put me at ease.

What was it like the first time you met her?

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posted: 2/24/2005 at 11:35:43 PM ET
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Well Annie...
I was extremely nervous like you--although I didn't think I was going to get sick. I just had extreme butterflys! It was after a performance of Annie Get Your Gun and I couldn't believe it when she walked out of the stage was just so unreal--here's this little tiny woman who is in her mid 50's who looks even a million times younger and youthful in person WHO I adore standing just feet away from me. As she approached me I lost all sense of myself and could barely string together two sentences. I barely asked her if she would mind taking a picture and she of course said she wouldn't mind and she took the shot. She was nice but she went through the line extremely fast, which is pretty understandable. The second time I met her was during Gypsy and I had the same reaction-this time she talked a bit more and so did I. I'm just hoping in Boston I can say more than two words.
I get star struck very easily--which is just bizarre to the people who know me. I met Kathleen Turner a couple of years ago and I didn't have my coat on and it was at least 30 degrees and she walked up to me and said **deep Kathleen Turner voice**"Hunny aren't you COooold?" And the only thing I could utter to Kathleen Turner was..."uuhhh JUST A LITTLE!" I love her too. And just a couple of weekends ago I was fortunate enough to meet another actress who I admire, Patty Duke. I saw her in a two person play in Illinois and was able to attend a reception afterwards. Now her status is high, now granted she probably doesn't have the same star billing power as Bernadette or Kathleen...but damn this was the NICEST celebrity and person I think I've ever met. She greeted all of her fans with so much enthusiasm and she made sure to spend some kind of time with each one of them. I know I spoke with her for at least 15 minutes, it was fabulous. The circumstances were different...this was at a reception and so of course there is more time to converse--but still this woman poured out her guts on the stage twice that day for about two hours each. Anyways...sorry to get off topic a bit...but had to share those experiences.
I do have a friend who actually works a lot on broadway and has done a lot of stuff at MTC and she once ran into Bernadette backstage at MTC and she said Bernadette was the sweetest thing to her and that they chatted for at least 10 minutes.

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posted: 2/25/2005 at 12:28:07 AM ET
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The first time I met Bernadette I was really really nervous. I flew in to NY from CA to see Gypsy for my birthday and I went to the stage door the night before I saw the show. My mom and I were the first ones there and we waited a really long time which was well worth it. Anyway by the time Bernadette came out there was a crowd of people. I didn't really realize that it was her because she had a hood on then I saw one of her curls sticking out of the hood and realized who it was. But she went to the other side of the barrier first and I thought that she wouldn't come to my side. Then she did and my mom asked her all these questions. Bernadette was so patient answering them. All I could say was "picture" and I was stuttering when I said that. But she took one with me and then signed something for me and couldn't have been sweeter. Then the next night after I actually saw Gypsy we waited again and she remembered us from the night before. I coudln't believe it but it absolutely made my birthday.

"Oh no, you won't. No, not a chance. No arguements, shut up and dance." -You'll Never Get Away From Me

"And if it wasn't for me then where would you be Miss Gypsy Rose Lee?" -Rose's Turn

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Staten Island
posted: 2/25/2005 at 4:56:45 PM ET
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Wow the first time I met Bernadette was INCREDIBLE!!!! Ok my family and I had tickets to see Gypsy and my dad's friend is Ron Kastner one of the producers. So the week before the showmy dad arranged this whole thing for me to go backstage after the show to meet Bernadette. But he kept it a secret from me. So when she made her entrance on stage I was just so overwhelmed that I started to cry. Then after the show we went around to the stage door and all of a sudden my dad disappears. A few minutes later the stage door opens nd my dad waves for me to come in. I was in total shock. So we went backstage nd met Peter Lawrence the associate director I think. He led me on a tour backstage and the next thing I kno, he tells Bernadette's assistant that I was there and before she led me back to the dressing room I collapsed lol. Then when I went back there Oh My GOD!! I thought I was going to faint again. She was soooo incredibly nice. We talked for about 45 minutes about theater nd stuff and wow it was just the most amazing nite of my life.

*~Almost Famous~*

drama kid
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San Jose, CA
posted: 3/10/2005 at 1:23:14 AM ET
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Wow, Rose, I have the SAME experience. Well, kind of. I went to see Gypsy (from California), also for my birthday, and I was at the stage door with my mom and brother the night before the show. It was kind of disappointing, though, because Bernadette went through the line SO quickly and barely even looked up. But we went back to see the show the next night and it COMPLETELY erased all the disappointment from before. I LOVED her onstage, more than in person, I'm sad to say. But I'm going to see her this weekend in Palm Desert! So we'll see how that is, I guess...

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