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Voting Booth Results: Login Survey

In an effort to make things generally easier for website users, please select the usage pattern from below that best matches you. I'm trying to see if I can improve the login functionality for people.

Poll started on 5/18/2003 at 12:06:47 AM ET and has 20 votes.

I use one computer and generally never have to login because it remembers who I am.10 Votes
I use one computer but it seems I always have to login even though I wish I didn't.2 Votes
I use one computer but like that I have to give my password each time.5 Votes
I use multiple computers but wish I didn't have to keep logging in on each one. It'd be great if all of them would remember my password.0 Votes
I use multiple computers but like knowing that when I login at one computer the other computers will be logged out automatically.3 Votes
Other (please post a message in the thread describing).0 Votes

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