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Topic: Italy

Topic Italy from the Off-topic chat forum.

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AuthorTopic:   Italy
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posted: 3/14/2005 at 10:23:35 PM ET
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Love those shirts!

Jean, I was afraid you were going to say "casa di m--da" or something.

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northern VA
posted: 3/14/2005 at 10:29:38 PM ET
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Those are really the only two I would want. The others are kind of meh. I'm confident enough in myself that I don't need to proclaim how cool and hip I am. I work with the kids and their parents,and thus am automatically not as cooleth (or taken as seriously) as the others by some of the others. But honestly,I wouldn't trade it for *anything* in the world.

ETA: Oh,gosh-sorry,Megan. I totally got OT in your thread. Just feeling a little defensive right now due to a conversation with someone I thought knew better and having nothing to do with anything here. Whatever. Carry on,folks!


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posted: 3/15/2005 at 6:40:22 AM ET
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and later there will be a lesson in how to avoid ordering octupus on your pizza.

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posted: 3/15/2005 at 9:33:00 AM ET
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I have been reading... so here are more of my 2 cents based on my experiences last year living and working in Spain and then travelling around Europe to 10 countries for 80 days...Spaniards in general like to argue about politics, especially related to the US. They are very opinionated and in general have a fiery personality. I can remember many a conversation with a Spaniard spent arguing about a particular topic about which they thought they were experts. Once beyond the politics being American doesn't matter. I never felt snubbed by locals elsewhere b/c I am American either... usually we got dirty looks b/c we were doing something that was hindering a local in some way like not sitting in the right seat on the train, hogging space with our large packpacks, or taking too long in the line at the grocery store which tourists of any nationality experience I am sure. We stopped and asked directions to many people and I can't really recall a negative experience. The people in Athens during the olympics were great. I think the funniest thing was being with my Canadian friends and watching them worry that they might get mistaken for an American.

As I have said before I only speak Spanish and was able to get around just fine...Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, France... I did learn a few phrases in each country, which was fun and met lots of new people. (the funniest was running into the same 2 girls in 3 different cities in 2 different countries!)

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posted: 3/15/2005 at 3:27:41 PM ET
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One of my co-workers just came back from Italy. She needed some dental surgery and it was going to cost her about $2000. She found out from an Italian neighbor that she could get the same thing done in Italy for a couple of hundred bucks. So, she took her money, took a few days off, had a short visit to Italy, and got her teeth taken care of. She had never been before, but apparently she enjoyed it tremendously.

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posted: 3/15/2005 at 11:22:45 PM ET
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Not a bad deal cheaper surgery and a vacation in one.

"Oh no, you won't. No, not a chance. No arguements, shut up and dance." -You'll Never Get Away From Me

"And if it wasn't for me then where would you be Miss Gypsy Rose Lee?" -Rose's Turn

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