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AuthorTopic:   Annie
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Dobson, NC
posted: 2/6/2004 at 8:43:59 PM ET
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When I was about 6, I happened to watch Annie, a musical in which Bernadette has a small part. I was impressed with the song "Easy Street" and I happened to ask mother who it was. When she told me, I registered the info, but forgot about her until I saw Cinderella in which she plays the stepmother. Soon after, I started acting in musical theater and started buying CDs from my favorites. When I discovered Annie Get Your Gun, I found a loved her unique style. Much later, I bought Gypsy. Someday I'll be in NYC in time to see her!

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New York City

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posted: 2/6/2004 at 10:37:39 PM ET
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Wow! That is exactly how I became a fan. I was 4 when I saw Annie, and loved the character of Lily (sp?) and the song Easy Street. I remember, even at that young age, thinking she had such a beautiful voice. I never asked anyone who she was because at that age it never registered with me that the people on television were actors playing a part. I thought everything was real.

I had seen Annie many times after that; but it wasn't until I saw Cinderella on television in 1997 that I saw Bernadette again and said to myseld, "Gee, I recognize that singingvice. That's the same woman who is in Annie." I then did a little research and read up on some other things she had done. In the Fall of 1998 I saw a telelvision commercial saying that Bernadette Peters was going to star in Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway and that previews began on february 2, 1999 (the day after my 17th birthday). Of course I insisted my Father get me a ticket for that first preview, which he did, and I have never been the same since. lol

I have found that most of Bernadette's younger generation of fans (people about 25 years old and younger) first became a fan with the movie Annie. I wonder what would have happened had she never done that movie?


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posted: 2/6/2004 at 11:06:53 PM ET
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I think it would be interesting to know when everyone became a fan. I hope Bernadette realized what Annie did for her because I was about 5 when I first saw it and I lived in PERU at the time......and I know she has tons of fans in South America!
When I first saw it I believe it was dubbed so I don't think I actually really heard her until years later. But Annie was definately the first time I noticed her and thought I wanted to be a performer like her. It also helped that I had an uncle in Peru who was a huge fan and always loved introducing me to everything that she did! I think I was the only 6 year old who didn't speak english but could sing all the lyrics to Pearl's A Singer!

You either got it, or you aint!

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northern VA
posted: 2/7/2004 at 1:38:55 PM ET
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I saw Annie many times (I'm 26),but Lily never registered with me. I think the first time I distinctly knew who she was was when I saw the American Playhouse recording of Into the Woods on PBS. I guess I was in upper elementary school-I grew up going to the theater and by that time already had a subscription to Theater Week (which I miss),and of course Into the Woods was discussed in those pages. I wish I had saved my old issues. When I went away to college,they disappeared.

My interest in theater waxed and waned throughout high school-Celtic music and culture overtook it at one point,because I became friends with an Irish-American girl who was into Irish dancing (a bunch of us took on Celtic names-however, Jennifer,or Jenniver, is supposed to be Cornish in some way,or some say it's from Gwenhwyfar/Guinevere,which pleased me immensely. But my parents weren't thinking Celtic when they named me-probably because due to Love Story,every other girl was named Jennifer in the 70s and early 80s. Don't know how accurate it is,though. Leave me alone-I was a freshman and we thought we were very cool.)

However,I came back into theater during my senior year,I believe. I had to do some catching up.

I would be lying if I said I was a superfan ever since watching Into the Woods,because I wasn't. I was more interested in the shows and never really followed the performers after they left the shows. Thank goodness I went to a high school where interest in the arts wasn't considered weird. That changed in college-I began to pay attention to everything then.


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