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Topic: Gypsy was incredible!

Topic Gypsy was incredible! from the Fan Experiences forum.

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AuthorTopic:   Gypsy was incredible!
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posted: 8/18/2003 at 8:06:02 PM ET
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Hey! I just found this board, so its been a couple weeks since I saw the show (July 20 something. I think it was the was a Wednesday, thats all I remember), but the memory is still fresh!

My friends and I were on a NY trip for school (we're from good ol Georgia) and we were in Mezzanine (sp?) Row B. Great seats, despite being in the balcony. Anyway, my friend Liz and I have been fans of Bernadette FOREVER. I know for me its been since I saw Annie for the first time when I was 4...even though the part was smaller than some, it hit me and I've loved her ever since. ANYWAY. Yay for rambling.

So we got to the theatre and heard she hadn't been performing every night, so we were like "oh no!" and we said a prayer to the theatre Gods and went in. I baught a t-shirt and sadly there weren't programs, so I took extra playbills *grins evilly* and my friend Amanda and I went on in. Well, the rest of our group was a couple steps ahead of us and I stopped by our usher and litterally squeaked out "Excuse me, is.." and then I got all jittery and excited and my voice cracked and I blurted out "Bernadette performing tonight?" and the lady patted my shoulder and said, "Girl, as far as I know!" and I LITERALLY danced down the rest of the stairs and announced such to the rest of my friends, and we did a little happy dance and squeal and could BARELY sit down.

Liz and I started yammering about how much we loved her and I was turned backwards and turned back around when they blinked the lights and the woman infront of me yelled at me for kicking her seat...but I'm sorry. If you've seen Gypsy and sat in the balcony you'd know how little leg room there is between the seats, and I'm tall so I was screwed on both levels. Thank the Lord I wasn't wearing a skirt is all I have to say.

So the lights blink, and we're looking around, impatiently...and my friend Amanda and I are literally about to jump out of our skin, and then we hear the infamous...

"SING OUT LOUISE!" and jumped on each other. She was RIGHT there, about 50 feet away *okay sure it was straight down, but OH MY GOD* and we jumped on each other and squealed and whispered an excited "OH MY GOD THERE SHE IS!" and Liz grabbed my shoulder and squeezed and I turned around and she was beaming.

We all sat on the edge of our seats, enthralled in the show the entire time. We didn't even get up during intermission, we just talked excitedly amongst ourselves, laughing and squealing and freaking out because Bernadette was "Right there! SHES RIGHT FREAKIN THERE!" (quote thanks to Liz).

The show was incredible, infact of the 8 shows I saw it was one of my very favorites. Anyway, her last song got more applause than half the curtain call did, and when she came out the place went INSANE. It was a rush for me, and I was just in the audience! I can only imagine standing there to that much applause. Of Course, I cried during the show. I couldn't help it! It was just INCREDIBLE!

So we decided to bolt out of the theatre and crowd up by the stage door in hopes of getting an autograph, heck. I would have been happy just to be less than a foot away from her. So we're gathered to the left of the stage door, and they've put up barriers and Tammy Blanchard and everyone comes out and they sign our playbills, and the little girl who plays Baby June came out with the other kids doin the fundraiser thing, and I put in $40 and got a signed headshot and the Live at Carnegie Hall CD that was signed (best investment I ever made). We're all dancing around, impatient as hell, and a little over an hour later she came out finally. Liz did an excited dance and I was right up against the baricade so I about passed out.

So she starts working her way around the line signing and taking pictures with everyone, and Liz was talking to her best friend Michael on the phone and when Bernadette came by she took the picture and asked if Bernadette could say "Hi to her friend on the phone"...and Bernadette, very cutely, goes "HI FRIEND ON THE PHONE!" and Michael said he about wet his pants and screamed something really stupid back cause he was star struck.

I was standing there with my playbill and my ticket in my hand, not expecting to get both signed, and I go to move my playbill back and she takes it again and my ticket and signs the ticket and smiled at me and then signed Amanda's playbill. Amanda and I asked if we could have pictures and she was all bubbly (even though I can only imagine how tired she was) and said "Sure thing!" and posed with the two of us for one picture. Its a bit close because my friend Andrea couldn't work the zoom on Amanda's digital camera, but its my picture with Bernadette none the less.

After we left the 10 of us LITERALLY went SKIPPING through Times Square back to our hotel screaming "I JUST MET BERNADETTE *insert an explicative here...well some of us did. I know I did.* PETERS! AHHHHH!" and waking people up at home at like 1 in the morning.

It was possibly the best time I've ever had, and I certainly wont ever forget it.


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new orleans, LA
posted: 8/18/2003 at 8:19:21 PM ET
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oh my gosh, i am so glad you had such a great time. truly priceless!

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New York City

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posted: 8/18/2003 at 11:45:53 PM ET
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That was the best description of a fan meeting I have ever heard. Heck, I've spoken to Bernadette many times and I just flashed back to the first time I met her after reading that.
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and got to meet her. Feel free to send Kevin the picture; maybe he can post it here.


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posted: 8/19/2003 at 10:45:41 AM ET
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Lovely! So vivid--I can picture it perfectly. Thanks for posting.

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New Jersey
posted: 8/19/2003 at 8:39:43 PM ET
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That's so great for you! That's one of the best fan stories I've ever heard, and the "I JUST MET BERNADETTE *insert an explicative here...well some of us did. I know I did.* PETERS! AHHHHH!" sounds very familiar...hahaha


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posted: 8/19/2003 at 10:00:19 PM ET
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Hey! Thanks ya'll! I'm just gonna post a link to my picture, cause I don't know how to actually post it on here...but here it is! I'm the *lovely* one on the left, my friend Amanda is on the right...Bernadette is making an amusing face in it...I got a big kick out of it when I first saw it...

Krissie, Amanda & Bernadette


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posted: 8/25/2003 at 2:01:03 PM ET
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It brings back the feelings I had when i first met her.


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posted: 8/31/2003 at 6:50:53 PM ET
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WOW KRISSY!!! That is an awesome story!!! When you talked about Bernadette's first entrance when she says "Sing out Louise," i heard her voice and it sent chills down mt spine and made me cry!!! I think i cried throughout 75% of the show!!!! I can't wait to go back!!!!!{:


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