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Topic: Bernadette Phones It In

Topic Bernadette Phones It In from the General Chit-Chat forum.

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AuthorTopic:   Bernadette Phones It In
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posted: 3/19/2005 at 12:11:05 PM ET
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I assume everyone who isn't actually there is listening in one form or another--how great of Bernadette to speak on the phone to Jonathan Schwartz.

In case you missed it, she and Schwartz spoke for about 6 minutes --"sitting on the sofa, from her apartment in Los Angeles"--at noon.

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posted: 3/19/2005 at 1:43:10 PM ET
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I completely forgot to listen what did Bernadette say?

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posted: 3/19/2005 at 2:53:10 PM ET
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She started by saying she wished Steve a happy birthday and sent her "undying love."

She talked about when she sings his (Sondheim's)words they remind her of things she needs to remember in life; she said the songs aren't hard to sing because they come from the character--she then laughingly said, well, some of them are hard. Schwartz said, where are you now? She hesitated for a second, then said that she was in her apartment in Los Angeles, "sitting on the sofa." She said that she's there to do a pilot tv show with Christine Baranski.

There's a bit more but I can't remember--I have it on tape--I'll listen later to add whatever else she said.

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New York, NY
posted: 3/19/2005 at 4:41:31 PM ET
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oh i missed it!!! jean thanks for reporting, if you remember anymore please post! thanks a bunch!

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posted: 3/19/2005 at 8:19:38 PM ET
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Here's the end of Bernadette's call-in (this sounded very real and heart-felt to me):

"JS: What are you doing at this minute? Where are you?
BP: I’m sitting in my apartment in Los Angeles and I’m sitting on the couch. [audience laughs]
JS: And you’re there because...
BP: And what...
JS: You’re there because, and not here...
BP: Oh, because I am about to do a pilot for television, myself and Christine Baranski, and that’s the only thing that would keep me from this moment, something like this, but I’m heartbroken I can’t be there in person so I’m on the phone.
JS: I appreciate your idea that you called me the other day to do this and I especially appreciate your being here for all of us today. Thank you, Bernadette.
BP: Oh thank...can I tell one more story about Steve?
JS: What did you say?
BP: I’d like to tell one more story about Steve.
JS: Absolutely.
BP: When I was in “Into the Woods”, there was...he wrote “Children Will Listen”, he gave it to me and I sang it the first night and I got through it fine and the second night I went up. And I went to him and...just apologizing profusely and he said, “please don’t worry about it, I could never do what you guys do, I could never stand up in front of people and sing and perform. That’s why I do what I do, I’m behind the scenes.” Of course we know why he does what he does, that’s his genius, and he has things to say and he has to write them. He loves actors and he’s one of the kindest people I know. I just wanted to say I love you Steve, have a great day and year and everything else.
JS: Thank you, Bernadette, again."

(JS=Jonathan Schwartz)

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posted: 3/20/2005 at 8:43:39 AM ET
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The rest of Bernadette's call-in chat--this is actually the beginning:


"JS: The day is beautiful as it should be for Steve, for all of us. I don’t know what it’s like on the West Coast but we have someone waiting to talk ...because she got a pilot out in California and Bernadette couldn’t be here with me. She was going to host the whole thing with me. However, her idea was to at least get in one or two words that are in her heart, and there are many, about Steve Sondheim and about his music. First of all, Bernadette, can you hear me?
BP: I can hear you, Jonathan, happy birthday, Steve.
JS: How are you?
BP: I’m great and I just love being able to wish Steve a happy birthday and send him my undying love. And everybody there loves him too.
JS: He’s sitting here somewhere in front of me in the dark. Bernadette, while you’re here, let me ask you something. You’re a woman who’s sung a great deal of his music in the original casts and in your own performances. What is it about that Steve is up to that moves you?
BP: I love singing Steve’s music and I do it in concert and I look forward to singing his songs because there are things I need to be reminded of in life. He writes about wonderful things that...I don’t want to say lessons because I don’t think he likes that–I don’t know if he likes preaching to an audience. It’s not that. It’s things in life that we need to be reminded of, to hear, to know, that “Children Will Listen”, and “Being Alive”, “No One is Alone”, and those things are healing to me.
JS: About Steve’s music, which can be demanding, has it been demanding for you to leran?
BP: Well, you know it’s very interesting, he really writes for the character and if he has a quarter note, there’s a reason why the quarter note is there. He usually writes whatever the character is feeling and, for the most part, it really flows-- what the intention of the character is. So, for the most part, it’s really not as difficult as it sounds. It’s only...uh...there’s a few though [she laughs], there’s a few where you have to be on your toes, you really have to learn, be on your toes.
JS: Bernadette, I think you’re saying is that the music comes easily to the character, therefore the woman who inhabits the character inhabits the ease.
BP: Yes! [audience laughs] What did you say, inhabits the what?
JS: The ease–the music comes easily to the character, that the woman who is inhabiting the character, meaning you, [BP laughs] the music comes more easily.
BP: But you’re right, inherits the ease, absolutely. It’s the character.
JS: That’s a wonderful insight into the depth of Steve’s explanation of character.
BP: Oh, he does.
JS: The songs are so deeply embedded in those people. I mean “Everybody Loves Louie” comes to mind. You dong it in “Sunday in the Park...”, let alone his iconic songs. What are you ding at this minute?...."
{continued above}

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