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Gorgeous from head to toe...
"Ms. Peters gave an Oscar worthy performance as an upper torso trying to make a living on the Disco circuit..." New York Times
I don't know what's funnier, the "do you have this size in black?" look she's giving, or the kid behind her with the goofy "Holy Hotness, Batman!" plastered on his face?
Keep working it, kid, and someday you might grow up to be as awesome as Bernadette Peters...oh wait...
Some things really do come "nat-chur-ly"
100% proven to remove plaque from the hardest of hearts...can I hear an "awww"
Check out the tiny bit of ab definition...oh yeah, she's still got it
"Ready or comes mama"
She's very, "I'm cute...I get take the picture and walk away slowly"
Okay, seriously, love them both...but how are these two women mistaken for one another?
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