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I LOVE THIS PIC.! It's SO ADORABLE! I love B.P.'s dress! It's elegant!
Hey, look! It's the avertisment for AGYG starring the wonderful BERNADETTE PETERS! LOVE the look on her face!
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who can say"No" to a face like that?!
This is the CUTEST pic. I've ever seen! Must be a premier after"Gypsy".
I wonder. Is Bernadette trying to get all the attention here with her 'Witch Talent'?
For those of you who haven't seen 'Cinderella', the look on Ms.Peters face will give you a hint that she plays the 'Stepmother'.
Everything is comin' up roses for Ms.Bernadette Peters!
Ladies & Gentlemen,we proadly present Ms.Bernadette Peters at Bally's!
Bernadette Peters posing with George while signing 'Gypsy'CDs.
Bernadette posing with the Gypsy poster. I wish she could do the Mamma Rose pose! It's CUTE!
Hmmmmm...... I wonder what part B.P. is doin' as Mamma Rose.
Is Bernadette stricting Herbie[John Dosett]? Look on the look on his face!
CUTE PICTURE! From 'Pink Cadillac'.
HUH?! Bernadette cross-eyed[or is she supposed to be cross-eyed]?
Hey,Ms.Peters recieved an award! Way to go,Ms.Peters!
AWWWWWWW!!!!!!! It's Ms.Peters with her adorable Husband,Mr.Micheal Wittenberg!!!!!!!
Billboard for 'Gypsy'. Nothing else to say about this photo.
Like I said about the other photo:Who can say "No" to a face like that?! I just ABSOLUTLY LOVE HER SMILE!!!!!!
B.P. at The Tony Awards! LOVE her dress! It's GORGOUES!!!!! As for her smile too!!!!!!
B.P. performing as Mamma Rose at the Tony Awards,2003!Neat!
Yes,she is the Broadway Baby!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How lovely Ms.Peters looks in that.... looks like a 'Christmas Dress'!
Ms.Peters in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical,Song & Dance,1986.
Again,Song & Dance. Cute pose,Ms.Peters!
AWWWWWWWW!!!!!A adorable smile for Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Smile for the camera,Bernadette!Hmmm.....I wonder if she's writing a letter to me?
The back cover of "Bernadette Peters in 'Song & Dance,the songs' C.D."
Hmmm.... let me guess......OH! I got it! Into The Woods! From a scene of'The giant is a WOMAN!!!!'
Hey,Ms.Peters!Look straight towards me, sweetie-broadway-baby!
Annie Oakley,get your [Tony]Awards! I guess this does prove that,yes,you CAN get a man with a gun!
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