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Nov 1962

Recording Debut

"Academy Award" / "Charm Bracelet" is Bernadette's first 45RPM single, released by the United Artist label.

Mar 1965

More Records!

Two more 45RPM singles, this time on the ABC Paramount label. Both are produced by the legendary team of Artie Resnick and Kenny Young (famous for a string of girl group hits of that era); "We'll Start The Party Again"/"Wait, Johnny, For Me", and "The Trouble With Me Is You"/"Our Song".

Jan 1967

Yet Another Record!

Bernadette released her fourth and last 1960s 45rpm single on an unknown date in 1967. Side A was "Will You Care What's Hap'nin' To Me, Baby?" written by Brute Force (Stephen Friedland) & Paul Kahan. Side B was "You're Taking Me For Granted" written by Artie Resnick & Kenny Young. Both sides were produced, arranged and conducted by John Simon. It was released on the Columbia label.

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